Austin Features Realistic Fun With The British Junior Forty

Austin started making toy pedal car versions of their popular models in the mid 1940s in response to a government push to find jobs for coal miners that had been struck down with respiratory diseases. The toy cars that the former miners would make had a very specific design brief. The first condition was about the size of the cars. They had to have enough room for a child to drive and a brother, homeowners insurance providers, sister or friend to sit alongside them. The cars would also feature an opening bonnet and boot, or hood and trunk, working lights and a dummy engine. To keep costs down, the toy cars would be made out of metal off-cuts. The first of the toys was unveiled by Leonard Lord in June 1946. He was giving a speech to celebrate Austin’s one millionth car when he unveiled a beautiful maroon toy car bearing the number plate “JOY 1”. The prototype features many realistic touches including a dashboard with a speedometer and a fuel and oil pressure gauge. The production J40 was a replica of the Austin A40. The sales brochure for the car mentioned that the workforce at the Welsh factory was made up of disabled miners and that 250 jobs had been created. The J40 was among the best pedal cars on the market and featured a working horn and headlights, removable wheels shod in pneumatic tires and leather and cloth seating. The gleaming paintwork was highlighted by chrome touches including door handles, hub caps and front grill. By the time production ceased in 1971, over 32,000 had been produced. Those that survive are prized by collectors for both their quality and their history.

Enormous Collection Includes Amazing VW Camper Van Pedal Car

Many people love to collect pedal cars that are modeled after their favorite classic cars. Pedal cars can be found by searching online. These cars are also popular with kids. The fact that they must be controlled with the foot pedal makes them a great way for kids to get their daily exercise. Pedal cars for kids are available in a wide assortment of kid themes including Barbie and superheros. Compare online prices for pedal cars from a variety of sellers before you buy one. Make sure the shipping costs are not too expensive. You can also look Continue reading ‘Enormous Collection Includes Amazing VW Camper Van Pedal Car’

How To Begin Collecting Vintage Pedal Cars

Maybe you were at a flea market, or perhaps you were poking around in great-grandma’s garage when you spied it: a rusty remnant of your childhood that instantly brought back warm memories of days gone by. It doesn’t matter how you found it; once you own one vintage pedal car, you are likely to want to start a collection. Pedal cars are one of today’s hottest collectibles, and they are easily accessible to everyone.

You’ll need to decide whether you Continue reading ‘How To Begin Collecting Vintage Pedal Cars’

Luxuriously Customized Pedal Car Unveiled In Paris

Oh, to be a kid. Described as the “Auto Union Type C,” this 1:2 scale tribute to one of the great racing cars of the 30s is undoubtedly the creme-d-la-creme of modern children’s pedal cars. In 1936, the full-sized version racked up 10 legendary victories in mountain and track. Audi unveiled the prototype of this luxurious replica in Paris in 2006 as a toy that any child would drool over, but because of the high price tag, extremely limited production Continue reading ‘Luxuriously Customized Pedal Car Unveiled In Paris’

Enjoying The Most Expensive Pedal Car Collections

Pedal cars are wonderful race cars that millions of people use worldwide. With so many people interested in racing, it is no wonder that pedal cars are making a huge comeback. One thing to remember about pedal cars is that they need to be driven safely just like any other race car out there. You should not just get onto the car and go about your business because this could be a serious problem if you’re not used to driving this type of vehicle by yourself.

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Tractor Pedal Car Models Are Illustrations Of History

Pedal cars are not only a staple of childhood; they are also a reflection of automotive history. Since their inception during the 1890s, these pint-sized vehicles have been modeled after the popular cars of the day. After enjoying immense popularity among wealthy patrons during the 20s and 30s, production was abruptly halted during the war years when metal for domestic uses was in short supply.

Once production resumed in the 1950s, manufacturers recognized that there was an immense market for this type of toy and expanded pedal-powered products to include other types of vehicles. Thus, the tractor pedal car was born, and the models produced through the years were based on the most sought after farm tractors of each time period. As time passed, new tractor pedal car models mirrored the advances that farmers were enjoying in their own tractors and farm implements.

Although the glory years of pedal cars ended when plastic became the material of choice for children’s toys, demand has recently returned for quality metal children’s pedal cars, and a nice variety of tractor pedal cars can be found on the market today. New models available include pedal tractors with detachable trailers, Car Insurance Companies, pedal combines with corn heads, pedal articulated tractors and more.